Working those cards

If you must know, I am still working on my note cards.  So this evening, I declined to go to choir rehearsal, and stayed home to work on them. In four hours, I produced five note cards. Wow! “Is that all?” Yes that is it, but these five note cards have made me dig deeper and have returned very precious treasure. My mind has gained more knowledge that it did not have, and it is great!  This has been a beautiful experience to stop all the cares of life and learn a little more. I have a ways to go, but I will finish this race.

One of the seniors came into the office to tell me that she had presented in the presence of her senior English teacher and passed! Her smile was so huge, and her face was lit like a child at Christmas. I was so very ecstatic for her, and she wished me well in my pursuit to get to the place where she is. This blog post is to keep everyone in the loop of my experiences in the process of The Senior Citizen Project. Pray my strength in the Lord, and for you who say, “What does that mean?”, it means when you see me, cheer me, say, “You Can Do This!”


Yvette Vessel

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