Stay the course

I am truly flabbergasted (amazed, astounded utterly, and in awe) at where this project has and will continue to take me. The notecard can be a bit hard, but if you are really researching books, articles, and dissertations (as I have), the notecards can gratify you with much information and wisdom. I can only imagine that after you have finished one-hundred-and-thirty notecards, you become an expert at the subject.

At first, I was very afraid to start this project, as so many of the students’ felt, but I now embrace and look forward to finishing it. Some students are right on target, but to the ones who are not, don’t give up — ask for help and stay the course. You will succeed! Some teachers are excited for me and have offered articles and books to help me along this journey. I appreciate each of them. As I said to you, I too must “Stay the course.”



One thought on “Stay the course

  1. You will emerge. The drowning that you feel is an intellectual bath that will cleanse the soul in preparation for transcendence.

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