I can see the light at the end of the tunnel

On this continual journey to complete my Senior Project, many cares of life have come to block its completion. Just as a mother nurses, I feel the tug of work and home, and sometimes issues from other places play a major part. When I thought that I was going to dig deep into my project, here came something else to draw my attention, my thoughts. But, just as the student presses on, I must too.

Now, I work with some of the most intellectual, thought-provoking educators in the world, and sometimes that can be very intimidating.  Every now and then, you may walk past my desk and, with such passion, one of those educators is sharing information on my topic.  In my bedroom, I now sleep with books, and, when I put my feet to the floor in the morning, books are the first things I touch. These people want me to succeed and I need the students to understand that this is what educators want for them too.

Am I afraid? Yes! I am not afraid of failure, but I am afraid that I am going to learn so much information that I will not be able to do anything but go back to some school and complete the next step of my life.  I feel like I am in a dark tunnel, but I press to see the light at the end. Pressing.


Yvette Vessel

3 thoughts on “I can see the light at the end of the tunnel

  1. Hey,
    Ms. Vessel you are priceless to us (seniors), doing the exact same project as we are. Yes things get so overwhelming speaking for myself just like you motherly duties constantly call. I break down and turn to god which is the problem solver overall when I feel closed in or stressed. I keep pushing myself just to make my child smile, knowing “mommy can do it” and most of all show my inner intellectual weapon. I’m thankful for you Ms. Vessel and all you do and know you’re one of us no matter the age difference. Just by reading your previous blogs has motivated me even more and to actually get to know the real Ms. Vessel personally. You are that light at the tunnel that makes my day brighter with a smile when I come to school. YOU’RE ORIGINALLY MADE…..copies can’t compare!!! ~ xoxoxo~

    Shakyra Crafton
    “C/O 2013”

  2. You are where you ought to be. You are in the life of the mind. The mind is not logical. It is generative and fractal laddened. Ideas emerge like so many hairs in a snow flake crystal. But the image of a fractical does not do justice either. Perhaps an onion might do, of maybe the wavees in the ocean. Your mind can not be captured. It must go along its own path, and books and thoughts will help it find its ways. Keep on getting confused. it is out of the mystery that you will learn.

  3. Pressing in, pressing forward, perseverance make the scholar, and you are certainly proving yourself to be on the arduous road of scholarship. Modeled perseverance is something our students–who face, endure, and overcome unbelievable circumstances (and decisions no child should have to make)–need to see more of! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your topic and I love learning about what you’re learning!

    Ms. C

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