There are moments in teaching that are filled with inspiration and creativity. It is an unfortunate reality of teaching that when we have these thoughts we are often contained by the multi-tasking marathon of running a classroom or the well earned solitude of a bike ride or worn lazy boy. Here is a place for those thoughts. Watching a great documentary on solitary confinement and thinking about senior project? Write a post. Figured out an effortless and exciting way to grade notecards?  Stop reading this and write that post now!!! Wandering a part of the city and thinking: how great it would be for our students to experience this, know this, love this? Write a post.

I think of teaching as the perfect intersection between science and imagination, method and passion, the harshness of reality and the rush of possibility.  We have chosen a lonely profession; we are not alone. This blog is a space for ourselves and ourselves alone to become the teachers that we wish to be. Be inspired for our students. It’s their world now; let’s help them light it up.