Related to its Interdisciplinary Projects, NLCP hosts two blogs. Enjoy both!

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“Senior Citizen Project” Blog

Ms. Yvette Vessel

NLCP’s Senior Project inspires many, scares some, and most always yields beauty — and not just for students. NLCP adults can feel the same way. Below is the blog of one such adult, Ms. Yvette Vessel, a vibrant force in students’ lives for over a decade at NLCP.

For personal reasons and to better support students, Ms. Vessel has chosen to complete her own Senior Project. Students call it her “Senior Citizen Project.” Her thoughts as she goes through the process…

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Teacher-to-Teacher: Project Blog
NLCP Teachers

NLCP commits itself to the transcendency of student-owned learning. This blog enables professional conversation about the joys and challenges of one form of student-owned learning: inquiry-driven, interdisciplinary, project-based learning. Mr. Travis Ryan moderates this blog.

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