And the two shall be one!

While some teachers and students prepared for the long-awaited winter break, there was a group of students who was not quite ready yet. Seniors went back and forth trying to get their Senior Project Outlines finished before the deadline. The fact was that if the Senior Project Outlines were not done, seniors would earn an F for the semester. Some seniors had brothers, sisters, and friends come up to help them with the process. These elders had gone through this same process in recent years.  In the end, most made it and some did not by the date.

It made me realize that I had to work hard to meet some form of deadline. I work at school and later, after work, at my small business, and then want family time. Wow, where is the time? I see why the seniors struggle. They too have many roadblocks, but they push on. I had a student tell me, “You have to become one with this project.”  Another also said, “It should become so much a part of you that you could present it in your sleep.”

So I am now positioning myself to do just that. Continue to read my blog and see where this journey leads me.


Yvette Vessel


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