A New Majority

A powerful and disturbing new study and interactive map

The Map

In addition, the SEF report finds:

  • Half or more of the public school children in two regions –the South and West– are low income, and a near majority of all students across the nation are low income (48 percent);
  • Over the last ten years, the number of low income students have grown 3-4 times greater than the growth of per pupil expenditures in three of the four regions of the country;
  • During the last decade, while achievement scores have increased for most student groups, huge gaps still remain between low income and higher income students– particularly in regions where less is spent on students
  • The achievement gap between low income and higher income students is as large or larger in private schools as in public schools. These findings update a 2007 report released by SEF, A New Majority: Low Income Students in the South’s Public Schools. It documented how low income students had become a majority in the South’s public schools for the first time in more than four decades.

The Study


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  1. Interesting to see how much this is a suburban/urban problem. Toggle between the two (cities and suburban) – and the map changes dramatically. All those highway dollars spent making it easy for some families to escape to better-functioning communities…

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